The REACH&Colours group was born at the beginning of 2008 on the need to address and complete the REACH registration of all organic dyes on the European market for different areas of application and for the many coloured substrates by the end of May 2018: fabrics, leather, wood, paper, etc..

A highly qualified technical team was born, skilled into all the competences required by the REACH Regulation; this team allowed a group of small/medium-sized companies already specialized in the distribution of organic dyes, which would not have the structure and the economic strength to uphold the expected fulfillment, not only to survive, but to qualify and excel in both qualitative and applicative aspects as well as in healthy and safety requirements.

REACH&Colours companies, thanks to their vision, tenacity and early investments, have been able to join forces and coordinate towards a common benefit that puts them today at the same level as the largest companies in the organic dyes industry. REACH&Colours Group companies have REACH registered more than 400 substances over 10 years of work and will continue to invest, innovate and grow after May 2018.

The REACH&Colours Group brand guarantees therefore full compliance with the REACH Regulation.

Furthermore, companies in the REACH&Colours Group are already working on the registration of their substances according to the Turkish KKDIK Regulation.


Since the 1st of june 2007 Regulation (CE) n° 1907/2006 (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) – more commonly known as “REACH” – has come into force and it rules the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of use of all the chemical substances present in Europe.

Every European manufacturer or importer exceeding one ton per year of a chemical substance is required to register it to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Without registration by May 2018, a substance cannot be either manufactured or imported in Europe.
This legislation is very important because it guarantees high safety levels for humans and environment, but its costs, proportioned to the tonnage and the intrinsic risks of the substance itself, are very high, in the range from 5 to 20 millions of euro every 100 substances, as high fees for studies and technical advice are needed for the preparation of the dossiers.

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On 23 June 2017, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization(MoEU) in Turkey published its REACH-like KKDIK regulation. The KKDIK regulation came into force on 23 Dec 2017.
The KKDIK regulation requires companies to register all substances manufactured and/or imported into Turkey with volume above 1t/y before the 31 Dec 2023.

KKDIK will bring various Turkish chemicals legislation under one law. It will replace three existing laws:
  • Regulation on the Inventory and Control of Chemicals;
  • Regulation on the Preparation and Distribution of Safety Datasheets for Hazardous Materials and Products;
  • Regulation on the Restrictions Relating to the Production, Supply to the Market and Use of Certain Hazardous Materials, Products and Goods.
KKDIK applies to all chemical substances on their own or in preparations as well as in articles.
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The madeincolours project was created with the purpose to guarantee consumer’s health, to protect the environment, and improve both the Italian and the European industrial manufacturing in textile, leather, paper wood and plastic goods.

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